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Call for GT9 Applications

Come join our unique, global-focused community! Application deadlines to be part of the next cohort of Global Track students are fast approaching. Be sure to check out the "Apply" section of our website for more information about the application process as we move closer to the end of the semester and graduate application deadlines.

The Global Track program is a dual-degree program offered by the University of Hawaii School of Architecture in partnership with China's Tongji University. It presents student's with the opportunity to graduate with a Master of Architecture Degree from Tongji University, one of the top ranking architecture programs in the world, in addition to a Doctorate of Architecture degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Program participants gain living and working experience in both China and Hawaii, and have the chance to broaden their design perspectives and gain special global understanding. The program is especially useful to students who have interest in someday working internationally in the field of architecture. We encourage anyone interested to apply.

Feel free to email or message us with any questions you may have about the program here and at


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