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Global Track Alumni Receive Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at Tsinghua University

A pair of recent Global Track Graduates have received postdoctoral fellowship research positions with Tsinghua University. Juncheng Shen (GT5) will be joining fellow Global Track graduate Danown Wang (GT6) at Tsinghua University's School of Architecture to conduct postdoc research.

Tsinghua University and Tongji University are the number one and number two ranked architecture programs in China, and consistently rank among the top 15 architecture schools in the world.

Juncheng's research will investigate architectural industrialization within China. Juncheng described his participation in the Global Track program saying, "The Global Track program gives participants a chance to be equipped with comprehensive knowledge, training, and experience."

We commend Juncheng Shen and Danown Wang on their major accomplishments and wish them success in their postdoctoral pursuits.


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