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The First event of AY21-22 SoA Lecture Series Successfully Held Last Friday

The First event of the AY21-22 SoA Lecture Series was held at 12:30 pm last Friday (02/18) HST.

Prof. Philip F. Yuan at Tongji University delivered a lecture titled " DigitalFUTURES of Material Intelligence." Prof. Yuan is the associate dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) at Tongji University. He is one of the forerunners in digital technologies in China and serves as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Intelligence. Prof. Yuan is also the founder of the architectural practice, Archi-Union Architects based in Shanghai.

Prof. William Chapman, the interim dean of SOA at UHM, gave a warm welcome to Prof. Yuan, and Prof. Hyoung-June Park, associate professor of design and computation at UHM gave an introductory remark for the lecture.

Prof. Yuan then made a one-hour lecture on his latest research and practice in digital design technology. Prof. Yuan demonstrated the concept, software, hardware, as well as cases related to the topic and provided students with a wealth of information about his advanced design technique. Inspired by his thoughtful research, the students made a long discussion about the future of architectural design, advanced design materials, future architectural education and etc. with prof. Yuan after the lecture.

After the lecture, Prof. yuan and his assistant also gave us some websites to provide us with more detailed information related to this lecture.

"Light of Internet World Internet Conference Center" (

"Beyond the Geometry Plastic 3D Printed Pavilion" (

As the representation of the GT program, Prof. Clark E. Llewellyn appreciated Prof. Yuan for his remarkable lecture and his contribution to the GT program. Please stay tuned since we will continue to provide lecture information and look forward to your participation!


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