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Two Global Track Students Receive Hawaii Architectural Foundation Awards for Their Research

We are pleased to announce that two of our Global Track students were recognized by the Hawai’i Architectural Foundation for their outstanding research during Friday's University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Architecture's commencement ceremony. Bruce White received the Award of Merit, while An Guo was honored with the Award of Distinction.

Founded in 2003, The Hawai'i Architectural Foundation (HAF) is a non-profit organization that connects people to the profound influence of design and stimulates education and public engagement in shaping our island communities. The HAF awards are given out annually to the top dissertation research projects at the University of Hawaii.

Bruce White's research "Formulating a Critical Regionalism-based Framework for Contemporary Tourism Development in Rural China" investigated appropriate regionalist design strategies for developing China's rural countryside based on a framework he developed utilizing ideas of placemaking, traditional Chinese building elements, and passive design strategies. Jurors were impressed by the pragmatism, critical thinking, and creativity that White displayed.

Above: Images from White's research

An Guo's awarding winning dissertation was titled "Research on Train Station Architecture Design Method Based on Climate Response." In his research he explored strategies for designing a new regional transportation hub on Shanghai's Chongming Island utilizing design strategies that respond to the local climate and conditions. The jurors were impressed by An Guo's thorough and comprehensive research as well as the innovative design solutions he proposed.

Above: Rendering of An Guo's proposed design

Congratulations to An Guo and Bruce White on receiving these awards and for their hard work and thorough research.

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